Saggar Bomb - Dreamy Creamy Vessel

Wheel thrown Vessel Saggar fired.
This piece was bisque fired in an electric kiln.
It was wrapped in cotton painted with oxides and then in layers of slip covered newspaper.
Slip is liquid clay, the layers dry and become like an egg shell. 
I call them Saggar bombs.
The Saggar bomb is placed in an outdoor Raku kiln and fired quickly until very, very hot.
What happens is the cloth and paper burn away, the oxides fume inside the egg shell, colouring the pot.
The Saggar bomb is removed from the kiln, when cool the egg shell is cracked revealing the finished piece.
Cracking the egg is very exciting and of course you never know what you will get.
Raku fired work are decorative works, not fully vitrified and therefore not functional.
If you wish to use as a vase you would need to place a water tight vessel inside to contain water.

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